When we say we're "Your Comprehensive Source for Insurance Needs" we mean it! We offer individual and business insurance for all kinds of needs including Medicare, Health, Life, Farms, Cars, Homes, Renter's, Churches, Events, Travel and much more! We have virtual, phone and in-person appointments available.

Our Story...

Mountains symbolize strength and stability. We at Sumner Insurance Services have been strong and stable since 1980. As a family-run business, we continue to represent the strongest companies and consistently provide quality products.

Keith Sumner began this agency out of his home in rural Sedalia, with his son Caleb joining him years later. Now, the agency employs over 15 people and provides insurance services to about 5,000 clients.

What's an independent

We offer products from many of the highest quality insurance companies at the same price you could purchase them from the company direct.


So why use our agents? Instead of calling several companies to compare benefits and prices, we do the comparisons for you. We'll give you quotes from multiple companies and you can choose the option that's best for you. 


Plus, we offer reliable and friendly, local customer service. You won't have to waste your day calling an 800-number if you have questions about your insurance. Our agents are your advocate. 

Contact Us...

We're here to help make it easy and stress-free for you to find the products that fit your lifestyle. We don't have one-size-fits-all insurance.


We'd love to sit down and talk to you about your options-with no obligations or costs for a consultation meeting! Let us know if you have questions about insurance, or just need a quick quote. 

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Looking for answers to common insurance questions? Check out our YouTube channel where our agents address some frequently asked questions. 
Learn more about the recent happenings at our agency by visiting our Facebook page and reading our quarterly newsletter. 


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