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Classic Car Insurance &
Antique Tractor Insurance

Classic Car & Antique Tractor Insurance
What is it?

A car or tractor as unique as yours deserves insurance coverage that’s just as unique. We understand that your collectibles will always occupy a very special place in your heart as well as your home. Consider unbundling your regular car insurance for a collectible policy for the most affordable rates.


Why do I need it?

Hot Rod. Rat Rod. Resto Mod. Resto Rod. There are a lot of words that describe today’s street rods - “ordinary” will never be one of them. When you own a one-of-a-kind car like that, you need an insurance policy that offers more than one kind of coverage. At Sumner Insurance Services, we offer more policy options to suit more collectors. That means we can say “yes” more often, to more custom car owners - to help give you insurance options that are as extraordinary as your car.

Common Questions
Does my vehicle qualify?
  • Usage: Vehicles should not be used for daily transportation.

  • Storage: Vehicles must be stored in an enclosed and secure structure.

  • Regular-Use Vehicles: Every driver in the household must have a regular-use vehicle for daily transportation.

  • Driver Eligibility: Generally, one or two minor traffic violations or accidents per household are acceptable.


What if I'm still in the process of restoring my vehicle?

Because the process of restoring a collector vehicle is a significant part of the hobby, we are happy to offer coverage for vehicles that are being “actively” restored. An applicant must demonstrate that the vehicle is being actively restored. Good photographs and restoration details will help verify an active restoration.


Can I get coverage for my antique tractor?

Yes! We offer coverage on tractors that are not used for any type of farming.

At Sumner Insurance Services we offer more policy options to suit more collectors. Call Sumner Insurance Services for a no cost, no obligation consultation. 

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