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Enroll in a Medicare Plan

Plan benefits and prices change each year. Find a plan that's right for you. Our agents will guide you through the process.

Contact Sumner Insurance for personalized help in comparing Medicare plans by taking into account your drugs, your pharmacy and your doctors. We work with several companies to give you choices for your insurance coverage.


*No-cost, No obligation Medicare Review

View Plans in Your Area

Ready to shop and compare plans? Want to enroll directly? We have your expert guide for finding the right plan. Use the button to view prices and benefits for various Medicare plans.


Get Help from an Agent

Looking for advice on what type of plan you need? Want someone to walk through the decision process with you? Our team is happy to help. There is no fee for this service.


Submit a Medication List

To get an accurate idea of which Medicare plans will fit your needs, our team needs a list of your prescription medications. Submit your medication list by using the button below.

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2022 Medicare Changes

What is the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?

Medicare health and drug plans can make changes each year—things like premiums, copays, coinsurance, which drugs, doctors and pharmacies are in the network. From October 15 through December 7 all people with Medicare can change their Medicare Part C (Advantage Plans) and Part D (Drug Plans) for the following year to better meet their needs. Your plan premium, deductible, and copays can change each year so it's important to be aware of the changes your plan is making for the upcoming year. It is also vital that you check what medications are covered by the plan for the upcoming year. Just because a medication was covered previously doesn't mean it will be covered the same in the future. This is why it's important you let us review your Medicare during the Annual Enrollment Period. Our team will thoroughly compare the newly released plans and recommend to you which plan options may best fit your medical needs for the new year. Medicare Reviews are a complimentary service that our team offers.



Medicare Consultations and Enrollment

Let us help. Our agents will guide you through the process at no cost.

  • ​Medicare Advantage (Part C)

  • Prescription Drug Plan (Part D)

  • Medicare Supplement (Medigap)

Medicare plans are frequently changing and so are your needs. Maybe your medications have changed. Maybe you're going to the doctor more. Maybe the premium or copay on your current plan has changed. This is why it's important to have an agent look at your plan to see if it still offers the benefits you need and meets your unique health care needs. Contact us NOW to schedule an appointment to review your Medicare (this appointment is free!). Or shop online by clicking here!


How often should I check my Medicare coverage? 

Your Medicare coverage should be reviewed once a year (typically in the fall when new plans have been released for the following year). Between changes in the market and potential changes in your life, let's make sure your current coverage meets your needs. A simple review only takes a few minutes, but can save you countless time and give you better healthcare options.

How do I prepare for my Medicare coverage review?

If you would like us to make sure that your Prescription Drug Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan will still work for you, then please follow the instructions listed here. Please send us a list of any prescription drugs that you regularly take. Even if you have previously sent us your medications, it's important you send us a current list as the plans change each year, and drugs that were covered last year may not be covered this year on the same plan.

Here's how to submit your prescription drug list:

1) We now have a form on our website that allows you to type in your drug list. The form can be found by clicking here. Otherwise, continue to read for other options for submitting your drug list. 


2) Ask your pharmacy for a list of your medications. Circle your current medications and make a note of how often you take each medicine. 

3) If it is too difficult to get the pharmacy list, please type a list of your regular prescription medications. Include the dosage (such as 200mg), and the frequency (such as 2 pills twice a day). Make sure to notate whether you take the generic version or the name brand. 


4) Include the following information with your medication list:

             a. Name               

             b. Zip Code and County  ​ ​

             c. Date of Birth

             d. Phone Number and/or Email Address

             e. Your preferred pharmacy, or make a note if you are okay with any pharmacy 

​ ​

5) If you get a subsidy to help pay your premiums, please write that on the list.

6) Send us your drug list via one of the methods listed below

        -Mail it to 2300 W. Broadway, Sedalia,  MO 65301

        - Fax it to 660-827-4596

        - Email it to

        -Drop it off at our office. 

After your drug list has been received, we will evaluate the plan that fits your needs and be in touch.



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