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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational Vehicle Insurance
What is it?

You are ready to hit the open road, but what exactly does your RV coverage include? Are you still scratching your head? If so, let’s begin--Keep in mind that RV insurance covers several kinds of vehicles, such as motor homes (including Classes A, B, and C), motor coaches, and camper vans, as well as travel trailers- including campers, pop-ups, fifth wheels, mounted truck campers, toy haulers and concession trailers. With RV insurance, you can select many types of coverage, including Vacation Liability, Full Timer’s, Emergency Expense and more. Your RV insurance policy can also protect your traveling companions and your valuables when you're on a trip.


Why do I need it?

Your RV is more than a car, and your RV insurance coverage should protect more than what typical car insurance does. Rather than add your RV to your auto policy, consider RV insurance coverage with an RV policy. Keep the following in mind as you decide whether to buy RV insurance coverage, since the following situations are generally not covered under a standard auto insurance policy:

  • You keep things in your RV that you wouldn't keep in your car, such as clothing, jewelry, binoculars, DVD's, laptops, smart phone, or outdoor gear.

  • When you park your RV at a campsite, you may be liable for the area around your RV. If someone is injured, you may be responsible.

  • If your RV is damaged while you're traveling, you'll need a place to stay and a way to get there.


Since none of the scenarios above is covered in the event of a loss, they could end up costing you thousands of dollars. However, when you insure your RV on its own policy, you'll know you have a wide range of RV insurance coverage for a wide range of incidents.


Common Questions
What are my RV Insurance Coverage Options?

The following RV insurance coverages are available: 

  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage

  • Liability Uninsured/ Under-Insured Motorists

  • Medical Payments

  • Comprehensive & Collision Options 

    • Market Value

    • Agreed Value

    • Total Loss Replacement Cost

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Emergency Expense

  • Replacement Cost Personal Effects


Are there any discounts available?

The following discounts are available to qualifying clients:

  • Claims-Free Renewal

  • Original Owner

  • Paid in full

  • Prompt Payer

  • Responsible Driver


How to avoid the top 5 RV insurance claims?

Take some preventative measures:

1) Refrigerator malfunction and propane tanks—check your propane lines and connections each year and any time you smell gas.

2) Hitting service stations and other overhangs—measure your height and add six inches.

3) Forgetting to retract steps and awnings—institute a pre-trip checklist and follow it.

4) Tire blowouts—protect your tires from the sun’s damaging rays when possible-check tire pressure regularly, look for uneven wear and irregularities. It is a good idea to purchase new tires every seven years regardless of mileage or viable wear.

5) Animal infestation—mice, squirrels and other rodents like to go through small holes. Make sure you fill with silicone, caulk or expanding foam. Store your RV on pavement, if possible. Using Bounce dryer sheets is a pleasant way to repel rodents.

Call the agents at Sumner Insurance Services for a no cost, no obligation quote from more than one company. We shop the rates, so you don’t have to!

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