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Enroll in a Prescription Drug Plan.

We can help you learn more about the Medicare products and benefits that are available to you.

Our licensed agents guide you in comparing Medicare options that fit your unique needs. We work with several companies to give you choices for your insurance coverage. 


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View Plans in Your Area

Ready to shop and compare plans? Want to enroll directly? We have your expert guide for finding the right plan. Use the button to view prices and benefits for various Medicare plans.


Get Help from an Agent

Looking for advice on what type of plan you need? Want someone to walk through the decision process with you? Our team is happy to help. There is no fee for this service.


Submit a Medication List

To get an accurate idea of which Medicare plans will fit your needs, our team needs a list of your prescription medications. Submit your medication list by using the button below.

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Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)

Find Medicare Savings and Benefits in 2024!

What do I need to look at when comparing plans?

To find a plan that works for you, consider:

  • Coverage (what medications are covered)

  • Cost (premiums, deductibles, and copays)

  • Convenience (some plans offer network and mail-order pharmacies)

  • Quality (plans' performance ratings)

 It's important to study your choices and compare the details of each plan. We can help in this process. Contact us for your complimentary Medicare Review! 

More Information on Prescription Drug Plans

What is it?

Medicare offers prescription drug plans, often called PDPs, for everyone with Medicare. This coverage is called "Part D". Like Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements, Medicare Part D plans are sold by private insurance companies with the approval of Medicare.


Each plan may vary in cost, pharmacies you can use, and drugs covered. Each plan requires a monthly premium, and some plans require a deductible and copays.


Why do I need it?

A Part D plan can help relieve you of part of the cost of prescription medications. Even if you currently aren't taking prescription drugs, you may want to enroll in a low-cost plan to save yourself money in the future. You could incur a late enrollment penalty if you do not enroll in a Medicare prescription drug plan when you’re initially eligible for Medicare.


Common Questions
What is the drug coverage gap (Donut Hole)?

Plans have a coverage gap, or "doughnut hole." A coverage gap means that after you and your plan and any subsidies that pay toward your drugs have spent a certain amount of money for covered drugs, you have to pay much higher co-pays until you spend the required amount to be out of the coverage gap (doughnut hole) and into catastrophic coverage. These amounts are set by Medicare and not by the companies. This amount doesn't include your plan's monthly premium which you must continue to pay while you are in the coverage gap. Once you've reached your plan's out-of-pocket limit, you will have "catastrophic coverage."

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