Motorcycle, Boat,

ATV/ UTV Insurance

What is it?

There are several coverage options to choose from when considering how to protect your boat, motorcycle, ATV or UTV. It's important to visit with an agent to learn what coverage you desire.

We offer affordable coverage for a variety of boats and motorcycles, along with options to include accessories, damages, roadside assistance and more.


An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) has 3-4 wheels and is created for use on various terrain.  A Utility Side by Side Vehicle (UTL/UTV)  has seating for at least 2 people and is designed to be used primarily off-road. We insure a range of ATV's, UTL's and UTV's with competitive rates.  

Why do I need it?

Whether you're on the road or on the water, you want to enjoy your time. Have peace of mind when you know you're covered for the unexpected. 

Common Questions
Is my ATV covered by my farm insurance?

Many think their ATV or UTV is covered by their farm insurance. Your ATV or UTV may not be covered by your farm insurance if you ever drive it on the road. Check with us to make sure your ATV or UTV is fully covered.

Call Sumner Insurance Services to discuss your specific situation.  We offer no cost, no obligation consultations.  Stop by or call our office today!

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