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What is it?

Renters/condo insurance is an inexpensive safeguard against expensive and unpredictable incidents; it typically covers you and your personal property when you're renting a house, condo or an apartment. A policy can cover your clothes, sports equipment, laptop, TV, and more, whether or not they're inside the home.

Why do I need it?

Renters/condo insurance an affordable way to protect your property. The average renters/condo insurance for policies may cost less than you think and give you peace of mind.


Common Questions
How much coverage do I need?

Before you shop for renters insurance, take an inventory of everything you own. This will help you to decide what level of coverage you are comfortable with.

What will my renters policy include?

There are several options you can include in your policy:

1)  Loss-of-use Coverage

helps pay additional living expenses if you need to live somewhere else due to a covered incident

2)  Personal Liability Coverage

in case a guest is injured in your rental

3)  Coverage for certain accident-related medical expenses

4)  Replacement Cost Coverage

covers your personal property

5)  Off-Premises Coverage for your property


Get a Renters Insurance quote from Sumner Insurance Services and choose the policy that's right for you. We work with many companies so you have the coverage you need at the price you desire. Call Sumner Insurance Services to discuss your specific situation.  

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