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Casey-Sumner-2021 Headshot.jpg

Casey Sumner

Chief Operating Officer

Casey joined the Sumner Insurance Services team in 2020 after having worked professionally with Caleb since 2017. She spends her days overseeing the operational aspects of Sumner Insurance Services. Casey’s day often shifts from one task to another in financial management, marketing, communication/outreach, personnel and HR, or data analytics.  

Having earned her MBA in Health Services Administration as well as Finance, she has enjoyed 25+ years working across various business management disciplines and healthcare delivery systems. She recognizes that a valuable, multi-faceted approach to business management is vital. Having contributed in different key roles, she knows the sum of the parts truly relates to the value of a unit as a whole. She loves that on any given day her tasks transition from crunching numbers, overseeing product marketing campaigns, to cultivating a positive culture within the team. Casey loves the “soft” business part of her role related to employee development and empowerment. Helping others unlock their own potential is a great gift to both the individual and the agency. She wants her employees to truly “find their joy” in their work because ultimately everyone wins!


When Casey is not in the office, you will often find her on the farm she shares with Caleb, her four school-aged children, and her mom who recently moved to the farm. Casey loves overcast days with candles lit all around the house! She loves to RV camp around Missouri but her heart knows that the Adirondack Mountains of upstate NY (where she grew up) remains her most favored mountain/lake retreat. Road trips with Caleb and her kids are her thing! Whether paved or dirt, she loves to explore the roads of America. She is a sentimentalist and loves small, quaint towns. Having grown up on the east coast with the story of America’s beginning all around her, she loves the nostalgia, the mystery, and the story each place begs to tell. Her personal favorite Missouri small town is in nearby Arrow Rock where she often visits and where she contributes as a Board member for the Friends of Arrow Rock.

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