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Katie Vollmer Headshot.jpg

Katie Vollmer

Contracts & Development Director

Katie joined Sumner Insurance Services in 2016. Katie has a heart for helping people and she does it well. She understands that insurance is confusing to people yet it’s so rewarding for her to untangle the web of confusion that clients often find themselves in. When clients have questions, Katie is quick to put on her problem-solving hat, dig deep into her resources, and get things straightened out. She gets excited about helping clients understand their insurance and explaining any issues they face. Katie has a largely integral role keeping agency contracting, carrier relationships, agent licensing, and agency goals aligned in an effort to support the team and meet its vision and mission of being of great service to its clients. Katie absolutely loves spending time with her family and her doggies. In her free time, Katie enjoys camping (really it’s more like glamping!), and crafting on her Silhouette.

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